APRIL: Laugh a Little

Love’s best glue is not made of flying sparks and sweet smooches (although these are a great start). The best glue? It’s laughter. The bonds strengthened with heart-y laughter are profound; laughter’s connection makes all else with your partner even more grand and true. So this month, why not dress funky and go where it’s funny with your honey.


Head to the comedy club of your choice. Whether it’s Crackers in Indy, Zanie’s or The Second City in Chicago— or Snickerz here in Fort Wayne, the options are many and laughter a’plenty. (Note: check out Tony Doepker at Snickerz—he’s a local funny man who shares the perils of singledom in your 40s… funny stuff!)

Leather Up

Or pleather up if you wish. Wear pleather pants or leather-look leggings to further funk-up your look. This is a night to dress (and be) sassy.

Purse Prop

Tonight bring this more to accessorize your outfit than for practical purpose.

On the Wild Side

Funkify your evening’s attire with a sleeveless animal-print top.

Kissable Reds

Don’t be shy with your lip color this night. Put the nudes aside for now and slather on some kissable reds for an evening of laughter.

Black Jacket Wear a black jacket over your animal-print shirt to tie your outfit together. And why black? It’s just sexy. Especially when you’re smiling.

Heels So High If you can hang with high heels, this is a great night for them.

Flutter the Lashes

Slap on some fake lashes. Hey, why not? Not an every-day thing likely, but once in a while it’s fun to spice up your lash flutters a bit. And if the lash strip falls off? This is a night for laughter, right?

Laugh a little with your honey. Life is serious enough. Giggles really are the best medicine—and the greatest bonding agent to tie your emotions into one impenetrable knot.

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