April Date Night

In my relationship, date nights are sacred. Between us, we have five children, two busy jobs, two homes, one very naughty dog and a bird who bites. We’re busy. So when date night arrives, we shut out all except one another. It’s OUR time. We need it. And I’d bet you and your honey do, too.

Shouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should. So grab your man, follow our plan, and enjoy….

April Live-Theatre Night

Ladies, we’ve been hiding indoors all winter. Now it’s time to get out. To dress up. To dust off that little black dress. To rid the Eskimo-like existence and cuddle up to some culture.

Great Seats

great seatsYou’ll need theatre tickets, of course. With the tremendous talent and venue options in our region, there’s a plethora of plays, musical acts, comedians, symphonies and others ready for your enjoyment. From Fort Wayne to Warsaw to Indianapolis or Chicago—our options are plentiful and the talent tremendous.

A French Manicure

french manicureNo matter what your situation, nothing adds an internal glow like a fresh manicure. Our pick is a French manicure; it’s classy, sophisticated and long lasting.


heaven scent hand lotionThis is arguably the most deliciously scented hand lotion we’ve ever encountered. Discovered at Bath & Body Works.

A Sexy Purse

sexy purseHey, we’re women. We travel with lipstick, cell phones and other girlie things we needn’t mention. Don’t forget a purse to complete your outfit.

A Lil’ Surprise

surpriseSometimes the little things say the most. Surprise your man with a thoughtful little gift. A few squares of dark chocolate, a cigar he loves or just a notecard with a simple message (if he’s a sentimental kind of guy) — surprise him with a small token of thoughtfulness. It says you know the little things he likes and you think of him even when you’re not together.

What to Wear

little black dressThis is the chance to glam it up, ladies. Bring to life the little black dress — simple, sleek and sexy. Your man thinks you’re beautiful anyway, but see him really look at you again…

little black shoesA little black dress without heels is like peaches without the cream. Wipe off the spiky high heels (or whatever height works for you!) — or buy some new shoes for the date. We think you deserve it.

Is there any necklace more romantic than a string of pearls? We think not.

pearl necklaceGlam it up, feel alive again, embrace talent and culture — and rediscover one another during your April Date Night.

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