An ant once crawled in my ear

During this issue’s He Glo(w)s + She Glo(w)s shoot. Melissa Long, executive editor Sue, Curtis Smith

During this issue’s He Glo(w)s + She Glo(w)s shoot. Melissa Long, executive editor Sue, Curtis Smith

How he arrived or why—or even how I knew I had an ant in my ear all remain among the mysteries of my past. The critter happily pranced beside my brain—and I thought it was totally cool. My panicked mom—who did not share in my awe—evicted the invader with waterdrops until said happy ant fell from said little girl’s head.

Weird, right? It’s OK. I agree.

As a young girl, my ears were extra active—even aside from insect invasions. I clearly heard Mom when she praised me. Bionic audio abilities sparked when brothers were scolded. Yet somehow I didn’t hear so well when being disciplined myself. And when I was a teenager? Selective hearing degraded to profound deafness when Dad discussed curfews. At least, I assume that’s what he was talking about.

But truth be told, my hearing didn’t hear so well until four years ago. Turns out one ear resigned from its duty long ago. I’d lived much of my life with profound hearing loss. And I didn’t even know it.

In November, we emphasize focus on being thankful. There are so many ‘little things’ for which I’m thankful. For sunshine. For my kids’ smiles. For a day when the dog does not destroy a single thing. And I’m thankful to now hear leaves scatter among the breeze. I hadn’t heard this since childhood.

After surgery with one wonderful, charismatic Dr. Dennis Bojrab, I could hear. I heard the rustling leaves. Birds singing. I felt the pressure from an open car window. It’s the small things that can make the greatest impact. It’s the details. The moments that become stories. The feelings that form perceptions. The gratitude—even if just for simple, gentle sounds—that leads to a joyful life.

Let’s embrace the small things. Let’s appreciate. Let’s make an informal pact, ladies, to each day recognize the small things for which to be appreciative. That’s what this glo issue is all about. Being thankful. Living in a healthy manner—for both body and mind. We’ve packed this issue with information to help direct your path to a more thankful spirit—in November and year-round.

Enjoy this festive month with family and friends. Notice the small things and appreciate them. Listen to the breeze. And stay away from happy, dancing ants.

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