All the Rage at Every Age: A Woman’s Guide to Styling

Each decade finds us a little wiser, more learned, mature, looking back longingly to the earlier days of having silky smooth skin and a taut bod. Or perhaps you’ve got that whole wide-eyed naivety of youth thing going on in a world that has yet to really take you seriously. But, beauty knows no expiration date. Age is just a number. And though no one can deny we slowly change with the passing years— experience and gravity will do that to a person—life is a journey. So let’s enjoy the ride, ladies—and look great while we’re doing it!

Trendy 20s

This is the time to experiment, take risks and learn from mistakes. Thankfully, 20-somes are graced with the easy beauty that comes with youth—a fresh new canvas, if you will—just ready to be realized and defined. Have fun and keep an open mind.

Clothing: Lucky you, there aren’t really any rules. You can dare to wear shorter (but not quite hoochy) hemlines, bold colors, sky-high shoes and crazy accessories. Indulge in any fad that fits your fancy and body type.

Makeup: Take care of your skin now! Moisturize, exfoliate, cleanse and don’t forget the sunscreen! Shimmering shadows and smoky eyes are fair game. Seal it all up with a superfine mineral powder.

Hair: If you’re not married to longer hair, why not try an edgy, asymmetrical bob or adorable pixie cut? These styles showcase your fresh, youthful features with fun, modern flair.

Flirty 30s

Remember the unpredictable chaos of yesteryear? Part of you is probably relieved to have lived, learned and at least begun to construct a stable foundation for yourself—so now’s the time to refine it. After a decade of exams, internships, hangovers and dead-end relationships, you’ve earned a little more sophistication.

Clothing: Polished and fashion-forward: find the balance between the two and you’ve got gold. Start building your wardrobe around simple, timeless pieces, tossing in a few new, trendy items for good measure. Makeup: Add an anti-aging regimen to your beauty routine, even if your skin isn’t showing visible signs of wear. Wearing two shades of blush (one that blends into your skin and another to brighten the face) will keep you looking radiant.

Hair: Like a longer look? You might try a youthful bang. Ask your stylist for a version that works best with your face shape. Craving something a little funkier? Rock the bed-head bob!

Fashionable 40s

Whatever hill they say you’re over now would be sorry to see you go. You know what you want, what you like and what works, even if a passing fad or two may pique your interest. That kind of confidence and maturity make for an attractive combination that’d be a shame to put to waste.

Clothing: Stick with the classics: sheath dresses, structured blazers, trousers, etc.—they’ve survived every fad and flatter the female form. Add drama with some timeless animal print, stripes or tasteful shimmer. Makeup: Keep those beautiful eyes in business with eyeliner and mascara. Spot apply foundation to cover any redness and even out skin tone.

Hair: If you’re going short, consider keeping the sides and back of the head shorter and leaving more volume at the top to balance out your features. Tousle it up for a little sex appeal. Add some layers to longer locks. And don’t be afraid to experiment with color while covering those grays. Aim for hues that will brighten your face.

Fabulous 50s

Classic, refined and elegant: this type of beauty must be earned. While timeless, you still have it in you to surprise by reinventing the tried-and-true wheel. After all, these years have both blessed and challenged you in totally unique ways, shaping you into quite the one-of-a-kind catch. Flaunt it!

Clothing: Classics with a twist are your go-to. Think uniquely tailored pieces and old favorites elevated by a bold color or innovative, modern touches.

Makeup: Definition is key. Make your features stand out with lip pencils and eyeliner. Choose an extra-rich and creamy foundation to hide lines.

Hair: Believe it or not, you’re still entitled to long hair. Go for a shoulder-length, angled cut with layers for a youthful appearance that adds volume to thinning hair. Or go short and chic with more length on the top and sides of the face to divert attention away from any wrinkles and neck imperfections.

60s, 70s + 80s—Oh, My!

Say what you will about The Golden Girls, but those ladies had it going on. After raising all their children, burying (or divorcing) their husbands and battling menopause, they were kickin’ it together in Miami, wearing fur and eating cheesecake. And dang it—that’s the way it ought to be!

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