About the Bling – a guide to choosing yours this winter

It can be said an outfit without jewelry is like a cake without icing. It’s incomplete. The right pieces can take your ensemble to the next level. Two local experts help us enter the new year in style.

Bold ‘n’ Beautiful

bold n beautiful blingSusan Johnson of Susan’s Fashions in Fort Wayne is a fan of bold and beautiful statement pieces. “Multi-strand black corded necklaces with silver inserts that are short, or long leather necklaces with tassels are real trendy right now—especially with the poncho looks with fringe,” she said.

Eileen Eichorn of Eichorn Jewelry in Decatur said this season’s jewelry is all about a blast from the past. Think vintage inspired. For example, bold is back and earrings are in. This season channels 1980 with bigger earrings but also ear climbers/crawlers, threaders and jackets. Estate jewelry of nearly every era continues to be the most sought after style, she said.

Rings ‘n’ Bracelets

And this trend isn’t limited to earrings. It’s all eyes on the hands, as trendsetters are stacking rings with or without diamonds or gemstones of every color alternating with diamonds, mesh diamond bracelets and two stone diamond rings, according to Eichorn.

Also in demand are magnetic bracelets with multiple strips of assorted leathers and stones. Bracelets that wrap in leather or soft fabric with glitzy stones are popular, she added. And, putting several of these together makes a stunning statement.

Mix ‘n’ Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials and metals. Silver mixed with black cords and lariats made out of leather, silver or gold chains are trending now. Long is in. Gold is coming on strong when mixed with black, as is silver. Colorful stones used for necklaces or bracelets can add that pop of color for any outfit, Johnson said. (After all, we could all use a flash of color during the darkest days of the year.) Echoing Johnson’s comments, Eichorn said sterling silver continues to dominate due to affordability but with yellow gold plating, blackened look and rose plated accents.

Size Matters

Gold bracelet and necklace images courtesy of Susan’s Fashions, Fort Wayne

Gold bracelet and necklace images courtesy of Susan’s Fashions, Fort Wayne

Just as a jewelry piece can enhance an outfit, it can also take away from it. That’s why choosing jewelry calls for some discretion, especially when it comes to size. “Anything that is so small that it just fades away and does not add to the overall look of the outfit is not in style this season,” Johnson said. “To wear the small diamond pendant is not the fashion statement of the years’ past.”

Bigger is better.

But truly, it’s all about finding pieces that enhance and complement your outfit. Start with Johnson’s rule of thumb:

“In general, keep your jewelry in tune with the look of your outfit. If your outfit is casual, keep the jewelry casual,” she said. “If your outfit is dressy, add the sparkle and the glitz. Don’t try to overdo, but do add those finishing touches.”

Eichorn agrees we should not try to overdo. “A little sparkle is always a welcome to any outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and colors, but carefully,” she said. When in doubt, it never hurts to consult a fashion jewelry expert.

From the retro jewelry designs to more flashy pieces, the winter 2015-16 accessory trends bring the perfect details for spicing up your winter outfits with elegance and sophistication. Here’s to a fabulous and stylish you!


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