9 Happy Holiday Decorating Tips

  1. Plan ahead and make lists. Take some time to think about how you want your home to be decorated this holiday season. Plan ahead and organize your plans into lists, according to Kristin Packnett, owner of Opal and Ruby Gift Emporium. “My favorite plan of attack is simply making lists,” she suggested. “They keep you organized, on task and on budget.”
  2. Brainstorm and be inspired. Think about some colors and materials you might want to incorporate into your holiday décor. “Write down trends and colors that you want to work with, or stores and other homes you’d like to mimic,” Packnett said. “Don’t forget to look at everything you’ve ‘pinned’ on Pinterest!”
  3. Try new trends. Step outside of your regular design scheme by considering what’s trending this season. “Popular color schemes are metallic, especially gold and brassy colors, which add a warmth,” suggested Kelly Heller of Fort Wayne’s House of Furniture. “Winter whites with the metallic are really on key for 2015. We are seeing lots of wood mixed in with the metallic, giving a rustic feel with a little glam.” Packnett agreed; gold is very on trend this season. “Gold is my inspiration for my Thanksgiving table, as well as my Christmas décor,” she said.
  4. Stay true to tradition. Remember your family’s traditions and celebrate the specialness of your own holidays. “Make a list of the upcoming holidays you want to decorate for,” Packnett suggested. “Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas—then make sure you have the time, budget and desire to actually decorate for everything on your list.”
  5. Decide what to decorate. Whether you’re hanging a simple door wreath or going all out over every square inch of the house, make a decision about what areas you plan to cover. “List all the rooms, areas and even outdoor spaces that will require décor,” said Packnett.
  6. Take inventory. Now that you have an idea of what you what to achieve with décor, it’s time to take inventory. “Make a list of what you have that will work toward your theme, and make a list of what you need to buy,” said Packnett. “It’s also a great time to make a giveaway pile… if you haven’t used it in years, let it be someone else’s treasure!”
  7. Shop your home. Before you run out to buy all new decorations, take a look at what you already have to see if you can incorporate it into your design. “An inexpensive way to approach holiday decorating is to shop your home,” said Heller. “Repurpose a tartan blanket for a tablecloth or table runner. Tie a bow out of holiday ribbon and put it on a picnic basket; you can use the basket to hold wrapped empty boxes or throws.”
  8. Turn to nature. “Head outdoors and collect pine cones and tall sticks,” Heller suggested. “Spray them with metallic paint or white to make great simple centerpieces and ornaments. The sticks can be put in a tall vase.”
  9. Decorate how you live. Stick to your roots and how your home is decorated to begin with. “I recommend decorating for the holidays as an extension of how you live on a daily basis,” Heller said. “If you deviate from the ‘real’ you, chances are you are not going to be comfortable in your own home.”


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