“Resolutions aren’t so much for me. I tried. I failed.

Every. Stinkin’. Year.

It’s true. One year I was going to be 15 minutes early to everything. Another year I was NOT going to be clumsy. Another year I wasn’t going to break anything. Another year I was giving up cookies. And yet another year I was going to dress like a diva every day. Shyeeeah, right.

It took years of shattering well-intentioned resolutions to realize something about me: I will rarely be early. I am clumsy. I break things. Sure, I can clean up with the rest of ‘em, but my wardrobe preference? A tank top and ripped-up, faded jeans. And give up cookies?! Get real. Oh, cookies, how I love you.

And finally at age 45, I’m OK with all that.

So, I accept me. That said, I continually strive to be a better woman tomorrow than I was today. I’ll keep focus on eating in a healthful manner and exercising with regularity. I’ll continue to learn new things, get enough sleep and seek ways to stay energized and give back to my community. Of course I will—on most days. But I’ll also allow myself to be human. To screw up. To divert from the path of perfection so many of us pressure upon ourselves. My goal is to be the best I can be—but I accept my faults. And there’s something freeing about acceptance. Do you accept yours?

When I made resolutions only to break them in record speed, I viewed my lack of permanent adaptation as failure. And like most women, that is the real dirty “f”-word. But should you set a resolution and not attain the ideal, it’s not failure. It’s you being you. And that is a-OK. Goals are excellent. Aspirations are imperative… But perfection? Not attainable. My motto is to strive for perfection and accept excellence— and occasional cookie binges.

As the calendar turns to a new year, let’s say good-bye to last year and eagerly welcome the new. But we’re not forgetting the past; we’re building upon it. Be you. Pay heed to aspirations. Then chase them down. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.”

And that’s what this January issue is all about. You are your own foundation. Accept you. Love you. And keep on keepin’ on. Reach for the stars. Stretch high enough and I bet you’ll grab ‘em. (And if you’re short like me, reach just as high—but perhaps wear some fabulously tall stilettos.)

Happy 2016 to all glo readers and advertisers.”

Sue Rawlinson

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